International Conference ‘Contemporary Didactics’

MCU invites researchers and school administrators to participate in the 2nd International Conference Contemporary Didactics.

The conference is dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the book by Evald Iliyenkov ‘Our Schools Must Teach How to Think!’ and comprises the issues of cognitive development within education. The leading experts in the fields of education and psychology will discuss the importance of thinking, the tools and technologies for its development, the principles of designing the content of education and educational environment for efficient cognitive development.

The key speakers of the conference include such renowned education researchers and policy-makers as Pyotr Shchedrovitsky, Vitaly Rubtsov, Igor Remorenko, Boris Elkonin, Arkady Margolis, Alexander Asmolov, Vladimir Lvovsky.

Discussion groups

  • School and thinking: querying at educational policy level (curated by Igor Remorenko)
  • Taxonomy and assessment of thinking in education (curated by Isac Froumin)
  • L.S. Vygotsky vs J. Piaget: 2 approaches to cognitive development research in education and psychology (curated by Pyotr Shchedrovitsky, Vitaly Rubtsov)
  • Thinking and developmental teaching (curated by Vladimir Lvovsky)

The discussion issues raised at the conference will be of value to researchers, specialists in teaching methods and education content development, as well as school headmasters, teachers and methodologists.

To participate, please register here. More information is available at the official website of the conference.


18 October – 8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street (MCU)

19 October – 29 Sretenka street (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education)

The heads of the Program Committee:  Pyotr Shchedrovitsky, Vitaly Rubtsov, Isac Froumin, Igor Remorenko.

The heads of the Organizing Committee: Kirill Barannikov, Taras Pashchenko, Andrey Konokotin.