International Conference ‘Children’s Literature as Experience’

The Institute of System Projects announces the 3d International Conference Children’s Literature as Experience to be held on December 13–15.

The program of the conference features a diverse format including open lectures, round table discussions, workshops, and research reports on acute issues of the history and evolution of children’s and young adult literature. The conference is open to a wide audience: from parents and their schoolchildren to teachers, librarians, students and researchers.


  • Learning to teach the literature of students’ choice
  • The end of the world without ‘War and Peace’
  • Gender and children’s literature
  • Family and local memory in contemporary children’s literature
  • National and international aspects in literature
  • Social inclusion in children’s and young adult literature. Books for brothers and sisters of ‘special’ children

Round table discussions

  • Children on children’s reading
  • Meet the author

The conference is initiated by the Laboratory of Socio-cultural Educational Practices with support of partners:
International Association for the Humanities, Gaidar Moscow Children’s Library, Children’s Literature Research Center at the Institute of Russian Literature, Institut des Langues et Cultures d’Europe, Amérique, Afrique, Asie et Australie (Grenoble Université Alpes).