Laboratory of Forensic Science

The establishment of the Forensic Science Laboratory aims to enhance the educational process and equip students with practical skills. Additionally, the laboratory actively participates in organising events at the institute and conducts activities related to professional guidance.

The Forensic Science Laboratory is equipped with various resources, including fingerprint devices, a simulated human body, chemical reagents, and a film library containing documentaries with a forensic focus. It serves as a venue for classes in disciplines such as “Criminalistics” and “Methods of Investigating Crimes against Individuals,” and operates the “Criminalist” subject circle.

The laboratory conducts testing and implementation of methodological and research findings in the educational process. This includes incorporating innovative teaching methods developed by the faculty and laboratory staff.

The main objective of the Forensic Science Laboratory is to train highly skilled specialists who meet the demands of the modern job market. These individuals possess extensive knowledge, skills, and practical experience in forensic science, alongside effective communication skills and strong self-organisational abilities.


  • 16 Novokuznetskaya St, Moscow
Konstantin Tolpekin

Associate Professor
Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Law, Associate Professor