Human Potential Development as a Value of Modern Education

On October 27, the 3rd All-Russian Research and Practice Conference “Human Potential Development as a Value of Modern Education” will be held by Moscow City University and the “Investment to the Future” Sberbank Charitable Foundation.

The key topic of the Conference will be the development of professional, children-and-adults, and parents communities. Within the Conference, the following questions will be discussed:

  • How does the material environment influence the general atmosphere, culture, and relations in school?
  • How can the methods of human potential development be adopted for the work with children with special needs, as well as the design and delivery of upbringing programs in kindergartens and schools?
  • How to encourage a child to explore himself and the world of relations between humans through watching cinema together?
  • How has the request for teacher training changed? And how will it change?

The program of the Conference pays special attention to the practical session, where the best managerial programs of designing the learning environments for human potential development in 8 Russia’s regions will be presented.

The speakers of the Conference will be:

Educators and managers in schools and kindergartens, participating in the Program of Human Potential Development, experts and the leadership of institutes of education development, authorities, delivering education policy, will join in the discussions of the Conference.

See the full program and register for the Conference at the official website.