History of Everyday Life: Man in History

On 12 April 2024 the Institute of Humanities of Moscow City University shall host the all-Russian interdisciplinary scientific conference History of Everyday Life: Man in History.

> Conference goals include:

  • Development of constructive interdisciplinary scientific dialogue between universities and researchers in Russia and the world;
  • Mainstreaming of problems of sociocultural, social and intellectual history in modern scientific discourse;
  • Discussion of existing approaches and directions, key problems and prospects for the development of the history of everyday life and microhistory in the system of modern socio-humanitarian knowledge.

The scientific problems to be discussed will be of interest to historians, philosophers, cultural scientists, ethnographers, philologists, linguists and other representatives of the humanities. Scientific-pedagogical, pedagogical and research workers, as well as students, external doctorate students and postgraduates of universities are invited to participate in the conference.

> Thematic areas of the conference:

  • Uniqueness in the everyday: peoples and countries in the history of everyday life;
  • The world of the “little man”: purpose and fate;
  • The changing world of the everyday: man against the backdrop of the era;
  • The image of the “other”: formation, existence, transformation;
  • Mirror of Everyday Life: Man in Art and Fiction;
  • History of everyday life and microhistory in an interdisciplinary research field;
  • Round table for bachelors and masters: Multifaceted World of Everyday Life: From Primitive Hunters to Internet Bloggers.

The Conference programme and information about face-to-face participation and online connection of participants will be sent to the email address specified in the application. Participation in the work of the Conference and publication of scientific articles is free of charge. There is no registration fee for participation in the Conference.

Travel and accommodation of non-resident participants are provided at the expense of the directing party.

Applications for participation

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until 13 March 2024; articles for publication are accepted until 29 April 2024 by e-mail:


4 Vtoroy Selskohoziajstvenny proezd, Moscow (MCU Institute of Humanities)

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