Ekaterina Nikolaeva on music teacher’s career and experience of studying at MCU

Ekaterina Nikolaeva graduated from the MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts with a Master’s degree and enrolled in the postgraduate program in Theory and Methods of Education and Training (Music).

Why did you choose to study teaching music at MCU?

First I thought of improving my knowledge and skills in music by enrolling in a Master’s program. I lacked confidence in directing youth vocal groups. A friend of mine told me about Moscow City University and the highly-qualified teaching staff there. First, I met with Professor Lyubov’ Ukolova, a prominent researcher, whom I knew as the author of textbooks. At MCU I had an opportunity to get acquainted with her in person. While I listened to her presentation of the MCU’s Master’s program, I already decided to enter MCU. Later, Professor Ukolova introduced me to Associate Professor Sergei Kaznacheev, Merited Artist of the Russian Federation. Professor was asked to estimate my singing skills and abilities and when he carefully listened to me, he exclaimed: “She’s already a singer! Great work!” I was very much delighted and looked forward to entering and studying at MCU.

Please share the most memorable moment of your student life.

The brightest memory of that time is the travels we made in 2019. Thanks to Professor Olga Gribkova, who is not only a great art director but also a wonderful organizer, I travelled to Austria together with the MCU Bachelor chorus in May. In December, Professor Gribkoka invited me to participate in the contest in Spain. I took the 1st place as a solo singer and the 2nd place with my partner in duet. I was happy to acquire so much of international experience! I believe that every trip abroad is exciting but those travels with a group of mates were special.

Why did you choose your current job?

In 2016, I graduated from the Institute of Culture and Arts and looked for a job. I wanted to teach singing to children. At that time, the Oktyabr Cultural Centre needed a chorus master for a chorus music studio. I applied for this position, was approved and set to work. After two years of a successful career, I was appointed director of the exemplary Raduga Choral Studio.

What do you like most about your job?

As Director of the Studio, I have more opportunities to implement my ideas. I can add new dimensions to the Studio’s activities, create something engaging and interesting for both children and their parents.

What are your professional aspirations?

Currently, I am a postgraduate student at MCU and hope to become part of the university’s faculty in the future.