Delegation from University of Tsukuba at MCU

On February 16, the MCU’s Japanese Language Department hosted the International round table discussion for Master’s and PhD degree students “Modern approaches to education research in Russia and Japan“.

The event was part of the program arranged for the official visit of the delegation from University of Tsukuba. The discussion was held in English. The reports were presented by 5 Master’s and PhD degree students of the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages and the Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, as well as 8 Master’s and PhD degree students of the Institute of Education, University of Tsukuba.


The students and teachers from Tsukuba took the opportunity to attend English and Japanese language lectures at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages.

Another round table discussion held in Japanese was dedicated to the youth cultures in Russia and Japan. The students from both universities had a chance to share opinions and ask questions, and resume their talk in a less formal setting during a tea party in the Chinese Hall.