David Skotko a new member of the MCU international staff

Moscow City University welcomes Professor David Skotko, a new member of the international staff. Professor will present lectures within the research design course in psychology and education. The course is aimed at the students of the master’s degree program “Design and Expertise of Pre-School Education (Theory by Lev Vygotsky)” coordinated by Professor Igor Shiyan.

Dr. David Skotko is a Professor at the Psychology and Counselling Department, University of Central Arkansas. Professor Skotko has been collaborating with MCU for a long time, working at MCU as a visiting professor in February 2020. By the end of the research design course, Professor Skotko gave an interview to the MCU media. Commenting on the course, Professor Skotko highlighted that it is important for both researchers and practitioners to know about research design and statistics as the former are to be able to conduct precise and fair research and the latter should understand that our mundane activities may be viewed and described through the prism of statistics.