Conference “Homo dicens”

The Institute of Humanities at the Moscow City University invites you to participate in the International Digital Science Conference “Homo dicens”

The Conference is the central event of the year for the “Homo dicens” project. In 2023, the project will be 10 years old, and we are expanding the format of the Conference. It will include sections on Russian language, literature, history, culture, and comparative studies, where both established scientists and those who are just starting their way in science will be able to speak. School students and university students who are winners and prize-winners of the International Russian Language Olympiad “Homo dicens” will be able to hear from scholars from around the world and share their ideas with them.

Proposed directions of the work of the Conference:

  • Russian language in multi-aspect study.
  • Russian language and other languages of the world.
  • Russian literature (history and theory of literature).
  • Russian history, culture and linguistic picture of the world.

Conference format: online.

The working language of the Conference: Russian (presentations can be made in the speaker’s native language, provided that a translation is translated during the presentation).
Translation into Russian can be provided:

  • on presentation slides in the format of the main thesis of the presentation (to be made by the participant of the Conference independently)
  • in full-text version in the format of a text document (to be sent to the Organizing Committee before the Conference).

Translation can be done by the organizers of the Conference on condition that the participant sends the full text of the report no later than 2 weeks before the Conference.

At the end of the Conference, it is planned to publish articles and abstracts of the speakers in the Proceedings of the conference. At the request of a participant, if the materials correspond to the objectives of the “Homo dicens” project, the organizing committee may offer materials for publication in the collective monograph “Connecting Thread: Russian Language in the 21st Century in the Communication of Cultures” (2023).

The materials of the Conferences of previous years can be found at the link.

The collective monograph of the 2022 project “Russian as a foreign language: comprehending mentality” can be found on the

The registration form must be completed by 20 March 2023 in order to participate as a rapporteur at the Conference.

An invitation to the conference, the programme and online joining instructions will be sent to the email address provided by the Conference participant when registering.


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