Conference “Coordinates of Modern Urbanism: Turn to Humanism”

The conference is aimed at humanistic comprehension of complex and contradictory cultural and communication transformations, dynamics of modern urban communities and development of urban spaces. The conference has a broad humanitarian orientation.

The conference will include the following events:

  • open lectures panel discussions,
  • conference opening ceremony and plenary session,
  • breakout sessions and round tables.

Scientific and pedagogical workers, graduate students, adjuncts, university students, representatives of business, public and governmental structures are invited to participate in the Conference. The Conference will be held in hybrid mode.

Thematic areas of the conference:

  1. Trends of modern urbanistics and vectors of civilization development.
  2. Social, socio-cultural and socio-economic aspects of urban development.
  3. Religious dynamics of modern cities.
  4. The future of modern megacities.
  5. Small cities and the possibilities of their development.
  6. Cities in the system of migratory flows.
  7. Cities in the system of migratory flows.
  8. Urban and rural areas in the prospects of global development.
  9. Social interactions in the system of urban communities.
  10. Network urban communities.
  11. Speech strategies and tactics in urban cyberspace.
  12. Digital urban communications: linguistic, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic aspects.
  13. Cross-cultural analysis of speech behavior of city dwellers.
  14. Media in urban space.
  15. Branding and strategies of modern city image management.
  16. Universities and the Future of Smart Cities.
  17. Historic urban areas and innovation clusters.
  18. Rebooting of tourist routes and social innovations.
  19. Legal aspects of municipal management.

Approximate topics of open lectures and panel discussions:

  1. The city is a project laboratory of technoscience: high technologies and public priorities.
  2. Transport infrastructure of the city as a socially significant object.
  3. The city as social production (labor migration, subcultures, activist movements, self-government).
  4. Demographic landscape and security in the city.
  5. Urban ecology infrastructural and managerial object.
  6. Inclusive spaces in the city: realization of the principle of equality and a way to restore identity.
  7. Design code of the city in territorial branding for tourists and residents.
  8. The concept of “space of the third place”, the role of neutral spaces in the unification of urban communities.
  9. Experience of creative economy in cities.

Application procedure for participation in the conference

Applications for participation in the conference will be accepted until August 25, 2023 inclusive. Applications (Annex 1) should be sent to the following e-mail address

Articles (Annex 2) for publication in the Proceedings of the Conference are accepted until August 25, 2023. Articles should be prepared according to the sample (Annex 2), published in Russian or English and registered in Academic Writing Research Group. The decision to publish articles is made by the Conference Organizing Committee.

Information Letter

Contact information

Irina Savchenko, Forum organizer, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, tel: +7(903)847-02-68; e-mail:,
Kozlova Yulia, Forum Coordinator, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, tel: +79 506 108 152; e-mail:

The conference is supported by the Russian Science Foundation (RSF grant No. 23-18-288)

Main events