A Laboratory of Teacher’s Urban Observations

On May 27, a roundtable discussion A Laboratory of Teacher’s Urban Observations will be held within the 5th Annual International Symposium Education and City: the Third Mission of the University. Anastasia Rossinskaya, Leading Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Educational Practices of the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, will moderate this event.

Observation of the urban environment, search for and assessment of its learning possibilities, analysis of learning practices available in the urban format are the most important directions of the modern teacher’s activity. During the roundtable discussion, newly-employed and experienced teachers will present the findings of their educational observations of the city and discuss their theoretical and practical relevance.

The speakers of this discussion include:

  • Vadim Golovin, Geography teacher at school No. 1561, MCU’s Master’s degree student;
  • Olga Rokal, Architect, Educator, Tactical Urbanist, Сo-founder of the UTRO bureau, the MESTO educational project, and the Raionnale Festival, MCU’s Master’s degree student;
  • Tatiana Mishchenko, Supervisor of Socio-Cultural Projects, Leading Specialist of the Standardisation Department of the State Public Institution “Construction and Reconstruction Directorate of the Department For Education and Science of Moscow”, MCU’s Master’s degree student;
  • Lyubov Gurariy, Specialist in participatory design and community work, Сreative Producer, MCU’s Master’s Degree student.

The roundtable discussion will be held in a mixed format. The in-person event will be held at 8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, lecture hall 29.

Please note that there will be two events broadcast simultaneously on different channels. The link to connect is available in the Symposium’s program.

All up-to-date information is available on the official page of the event.

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