1st day of the International Symposium Education and City

The 3rd International Symposium Education and City: education and quality of living in the city started today, August 24, at MCU. The Symposium is held online featuring renowned speakers from partner universities across the globe, such as Dublin City University and University of Taipei.

You can join the Symposiun via the Zoom link.

The program for August, 24

10.00–10.30. The Opening
Igor Remorenko, Joe O’Hara, Svetlana Vachkova, Daria Milyaeva

10.30–12.30. Panel discussion: Quality of Educational Environment as a Factor for Improving Educational Results
Speakers: Anna Bukina (Russia), Elena Aralova (Russia), Elena Tyutterina (Russia), Mariya Suleymenova (Russia), Kseniya Shkroban (Italy), Irina Vinogradova (Russia), Ekaterina Barsukova (Russia), Evgeniya Velichko (Russia), Angela Eliseeva (Russia), Evgeny Golovko (Italy). Moderator: Elena Ivanova (Russia)

12.45–14.45. Roundtable: Network Interaction between Educational Organizations as a Tool for Education Quality Development
Speakers: Patrick Shevlin (Ireland), Olga Shiyan (Russia), Tatiana Le-van (Russia).
Moderator: Igor Shiyan (Russia)

15.45–16.15. Integration of Digital and Humanitarian Education
Alexander Popov (Russia), Pavel Glukhov (Russia)

16.20–16.50. Practical Approach for Developing and Implementing Online Courses in the Time of Pandemic
Andrey Koptelov (USA)

17.00–19.00. Roundtable: Theater Practices in Education
Speakers: Manon van de Water (USA), Hana Strejčkova (Czech Republic).
Moderator: Tatiana Klimova (Russia)