V Metropolitan Conference on Educational Tourism

The V Conference on Educational tourism for schools and universities will be held at the Institute of Mathematics, Information Technologies and Natural Sciences on March 31. We invite undergraduate and graduate students, teachers of metropolitan schools and universities, as well as researches and educators.

Key topics:

  • Theory and methods for tourism development in the context of the unique cultural and historical heritage of Moscow
  • Advantages of guided tours for teaching schoolchildren and students
  • Resources, patterns and routes for educational tourism in Moscow, Russia, and the world
  • Role of educational tourism in improving courses’ contents, developing cross-cultural communication and shaping tolerant outlook of young adults
  • Tourism as a tool for combining education and entertainment
  • Training educational tourism specialists for metropolitan institutions

Conference Coordinator — Prof. Olga Shulgina, Head of the Geography Department, Coordinator of the Master’s program ‘Geography and Educational Tourism’.

To participate, please fill in the application form.

Best reports will be published in the MCU Vestnik.

Address: 1 Chechulina St.