The MCU’s football team is runner-up in the National Student Football League Tournament

The MCU’s football team played three away games in Yevpatoria in the framework of the National Student Football League tournament.

Before the start of the new stage in the Crimea, the MCU’s players placed fourth with 19 points in their assets.

  • How did the university team score points in the previous stages?

Alexander Nesmelov’s team played with the teams of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Astrakhan State University and Kalmyk State University.

The national team opened the stage with a match against СFU-2 (Simferopol). Numerous attacks of the first half were not beneficiary: the MCU’s players attacked the opponents’ gates from different positions, but the ball always got stuck in the tackles of the CFU’s backs. The opponent’s own goal helped to score. Haplanov shot at the goal when Vashakidze fumbled the ball, the trajectory of the ball was changed by a deflection from the back of the Simferopol team.

Radkov and Zamyshlyaev could streghten the lead, but Vashakidze’s blow from the point increased the difference on the score. Ilya Radkov scored the third ball: he freed up the space with a flourish and made a good corner. Vashakidze’s double kick and CFU’s prestige goal summed up the meeting with a 4:1 score.

MCU’s team played the next game with the team of Astrakhan State University. It was a hard match of equal rivals who did not want to concede to each other: seven yellow cards, five removals and a total 0:0 score demonstrate it.

MCU’s football team played the final tournament match of with the team of Kalmyk State University. There was no sensation. Kirill Orekhov’s goal triggered the defeat. He took advantage of the absence of the a goalkeeper in the goal line and scored a goal from the centre spot. Arthur Bukushyan’s goal fixed the advantage after flanking breakthrough.

Vashakidze scored the third goal. KalmSU’s team backs made a mistake which became a chance for MCU’s team. Denis-David Vashakidze held the ball back and then rilled it out to Andrey Filippov. As a result, the score was 3:0. Pressing actions on the opponents’ field helped the team leader Vashakidze to score a goal in the second half of the game. He also put an end to the match by responding to a flanking shot by Semyon Zamyshlyaev.

Following the results, the MCU’s national team scored seven points, and moved to the second line of the tournament bracket. The football team of Kuban State University of Physical Culture Sports and Tourism (Krasnodar) is ahead of us. The team has scored 34 points.

The next matches of MCU’s football team will take place on November 26 – 29 in Yevpatoria. MCU’s football players will meet the teams of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism  (Moscow), Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (Krasnodar) and Voronezh State University of Physical Education (Voronezh).

You can follow the performance of the university team on the official pages of the team on VK, in the news feed and social networks (VK) of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies. All matches will be available for viewing live in the official National Student Football League community in VK.