Talk on education: what do they teach our children in Europe and Russia?

The project “From the European point of view” features a series of interviews with renowned researchers on acute social issues. Professor Alexander Asmolov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Department of Personality Psychology of the Moscow State University, has been invited to speak about education on February 21.

Education has been long considered as transfer of knowledge from teacher to students. However, today there are new technologies evolving constantly, making such a system inefficient. The key question regarding education is not how to teach but what for. The technologies and methods are not as important as the essence of learning.

What is the School of Uncertainty? What is the mission of a teacher? Who are the “universal students”, millenials, generation Z?

Join the dialogue where professors Alexander Asmolov and Yevgeny Gontmacher, economist and doctor of sciences,  will try to explain these concepts.

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Venue: 7/1 Pervyj Botkinsky proezd, Moscow

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