Vladislav Alpatov

Vladislav Alpatov

Post: Associate Professor
Academic credentials: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Philology

  • AlpatovVV@mgpu.ru

Research Profile

  • philosophy of language
  • religion and language
  • Indo-European etymology
  • lexicology and stylistics of English and Russian languages
  • European toponymy
  • cognitive linguistics


Practical Courses:

  • English Language Speech Practice
  • Videocourse
  • Reading the English Press / Media Communication
  • Practical Course of Cross-Cultural Communication

Lectures and seminars:

  • Lexicology of the English Language
  • Stylistics of the English Language and the Text Interpretation
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • History of Relations between Russia and the Target-Language Country
  • Russian Culture in Cross-Cultural Communication

Special courses and elective courses:

  • Introduction to English Toponymy
  • Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics
  • Bible as the foundation of European civilisation
  • Introduction to Religious Studies
  • Russia Through the Prism of English-Language Texts: Mirror of Cross-Cultural Interaction
  • Moscow Studies in the English Language Teacher’s Work

Period of Teaching and Research Service

Since 2003

Education and Degrees

Higher education:

  • Specialist’s Degree in English Philology (teacher of English and German languages
  • Specialist’s Degree in Religious Studies, History of Religion (scholar in religion studies)


English Philology, Religious Studies

Selected Publications


AuthorID: 497 320

Web of Science ResearcherID E-2018−2018

ORCID 0000−0002−3526−4597

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