Vladimir Ananishnev

Vladimir Ananishnev

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Social Studies, DBA, Full Professor

  • AnanishnevVM@mgpu.ru
  • +7 (499) 181-52-35

Research Profile

Methodological issues of social studies, sociology of education, sociology and psychology of management, marketing of educational services, questions of civil service in Russia, issues of social and economic development in Russia, surveillance study of sociopolitical processes

Selected Publications

Romanova G.A., Ananishnev V.M., Darda E.S. Opcion. INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: A PATH TO EQUAL RIGHTS 2020. Т. 36. № SpecialEdition26. С. 613−628.

Ananishnev V.M., Ryabov V.V., Tkachenko A.V., Osmolovskaya S.M., Fursov V.V., Berestova L.I. MONITORING A UNIVERSITYS EDUCATIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES: UNIFYING THE MONITORING PROCESSES WITH EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change. 2020. Т. 11. № 4. С. 56−69.

Ryabov V.V., Ananishnev V.M., Ivanov A.V., Tkachenko A.V., Merkushin V.I., Akhtyan A.G. MODERN STUDY OF STUDENTS SOCIAL ADAPTATION PHENOMENON IN LARGE UNIVERSITY EDUCATIONAL COMPLEXES EurAsian Journal of BioSciences. 2019. Т. 13. № 2. С. 2343−2348.