Dorzhi Khilkhanov

Dorzhi Khilkhanov

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Social Sciences


Research Profile

Social studies, ethnical social studies, sociological theories, cultural studies, quantitative methods in social research


Fundamentals of Social Studies, Modern Sociological Theories, Sociology of Organizations, Cultural Codes

Selected Publications

Хилханов Д.Л., Хилханова Э. В Language and Ethnic Identity of Minorities in Post-Soyiet Russia: The Buryat Case Study // Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 3. — New Jersey, 2003. — Р. 85−100

Хилханова Э. В., Хилханов Д.Л. The Changing Dynamics of Language and Ethnic Identity Link by Russian Minorities: The Buryat Case Study / // Journal of Eurasian Restarch. — 2003. — Vol. 2, № 1. — Р. 26−30, 39.

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