Dorzhi Khilkhanov

Dorzhi Khilkhanov

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Social Studies



Fundamentals of Social Studies, Modern Sociological Theories, Sociology of Organizations, Cultural Codes

Selected Publications

Хилханов Д.Л., Хилханова Э. В Language and Ethnic Identity of Minorities in Post-Soyiet Russia: The Buryat Case Study // Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 3. — New Jersey, 2003. — Р. 85−100

Хилханова Э. В., Хилханов Д.Л. The Changing Dynamics of Language and Ethnic Identity Link by Russian Minorities: The Buryat Case Study / // Journal of Eurasian Restarch. — 2003. — Vol. 2, № 1. — Р. 26−30, 39.

Research Interests

Social studies, ethnical social studies, sociological theories, cultural studies, quantitative methods in social research

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