Alla Schepilova

Alla Schepilova

Post: Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages
Academic credentials: Doctor of Pedagogy, Full Professor

  • +7 (495) 607-16-02


Theoretical Grammar of French Language, Modern Technologies in Assessing Education Received in a Foreign Language, Theory of Teaching in Multiple Languages

Selected Publications

  1. Article: Cognitive Approach in Linguistic Didactics: History and Perspectives. Peer-reviewed journal MCU Vestnik, 2013.
  2. Article: Foreign Language as a Subject at School. Peer-reviewed journal Foreign Languages at School, 2013.
  3. Multi-author book: Teaching Foreign Languages: Traditional and Modern Methods. Titul, 2010.
  4. Book: Communication and Cognitive Approach to Teaching French Language as a Second Foreign Language. Fundamental Theory. Moscow, 2003.
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