Seminar on innovative youth recreation camp

The department of Pedagogy of the MCU Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy invites you to join a seminar ‘Freedom Space’ dedicated to the project of an innovative youth recreation camp.


At the present day the process of socialization of the younger generation is quite controversial. Childhood as a period of life is becoming longer compared to previous generations, the current youth show tendencies to being childish and immature. The school system with its classroom-lesson mode, as well as extra-curricular activities in its present form neither aid to maturing of children, nor to being responsible for the decisions taken.
As an alternative, we suggest a special space where children can act independently, learning to take responsibility for their choices. An out-of-town youth recreation camp can serve as a good example of such a space. Our project — Summer Park or Youth Camp 2.0 — focuses upon personality development, which is seen as a key objective of education.
The model features a child’s choice as a core cultural practice that defines his or her individual trajectory, namely the choice of a project, of the way it is designed and implemented, the way of follow-up and, finally, the way the leisure time is spent.

Roman Lebedev, teacher at the Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy will present the project of such a camp in more detail at the seminar.

Moderator of the seminar — Boris Kupriyanov, Professor at the Department of Pedagogy of the MCU Institute of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogy.

To register for the seminar, please write at before May 24.

Address: 16 Malyj Stolyarnyj pereulok, Moscow,

Room 127

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