Problems of participatory design

Tatiana Le-van (Russia) senior research fellow at the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures, Institute of System Projects, MCU, will moderate the Panel discussion “Problems of participatory design” within the Second annual international Symposium “Education and city: participation practices” held from 16 to 18 May, 2019.

The panel discussion is devoted to various aspects of the implementation of participatory principle (co-design, partnership) in the activities of educational organizations.


Manjola Zaçellari (Lumani) (Albania)
The participation of children, parents and teachers in creating educational programs in Albanian education system / Perceptions of parents and teachers in this context

Heliona Mico (Albania)
Legal aspects of participatory practices in Albanian education context

Elena Ivanova (Russia)
Practices of participatory design with Moscow schoolchildren and teachers: the experience of successful transformations

Tatiana Le-van (Russia)
Bella Filatova (Russia)
Pedagogical meaning of participatory design of educational environment at school

Elena Tubelskaya (Russia)
Participation and cooperation — the school mainstay


5B Malyj Kazennyj pereulok, Moscow, Institute of Foreign Languages.

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