Open lectures on athletic training

On November 23—December 9, MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies invites you to attend a series of open lectures on athletic training and monitoring. The lectures will be presented by staff members of the “Higher School of Coaches” Center at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

The lectures will be given online on Zoom (links in the titles).

Deputy Director Natalia Salamatova will give the following lectures in English:

November 23 at 14:40—16:10 — Athlete training process control (Zoom ID: 650 079 6158; access code: iL5LUM);

November 30 at 14:40—16:10 — Control of physical fitness and functional condition of athletes (Zoom ID: 790 7088 9706; access code: V4WUY0);

December 7 at 14:40—16:10 — Specifics of various aspects of control in sports training.

Director Alexander Kraevich will present the following lectures in Russian:

November 25 at 16:20—17:50 — Specifics of designing training for highly-qualified athletes (Zoom ID: 757 0929 3450; access code: zTzr2n);

December 9 at 16:20—17:50 — Advanced approaches to the control of athletes’ preparedness and assessment of durability to the influence of practices and competitions.