MCU to participate at the Moscow Global Forum ‘City for Education’

MCU will participate in the Moscow Global Forum ‘City for Education’ scheduled from August 30 to September 2, 2018. Supported by the Moscow Government, the Forum will host leading Russian and international experts on education. The Forum features 10 discussion platforms where the participants can listen to the reports and exchange opinions on a wide variety of educational issues.

Among the keynote speakers of the Forum are MCU partners Wolfgang Tietze and Olga Bukhina.

Wolfgang Tietze

PädQUIS, Berlin

Current Issues in Preschool Education

Scheduled: August 30, 10.00 a.m., Hall Znamenka

Professor Tietze, Doctor of Pedagogy, is the managing director of PädQUIS, Berlin — a research institute that focuses on education quality. Professor Tietze plays a key role in the development of various evaluation instruments for scale-based quality assessment in early childhood education.

Key discussion issues: 

  • Quality or quantity: what is more important in pre-school education?
  • Long-term outcomes of high-quality pre-school education
  • Concepts of quality in pre-school education
  • Ways to improve quality of pre-school education
  • Using the QUIK tool to improve education quality  

Olga Bukhina

The International Association for the Humanities

Global City as a Figure in Children’s Literature

Scheduled: September 1, 12.00 a.m., Hall Yakimanka

Olga Bukhina, chief executive of the International Association for the Humanities, is a translator and literary critic. At the Forum she will hold a workshop on children’s literature together with Ekaterina Asonova, Head of the MCU’s Laboratory of Socio-cultural Practices. The participants of the workshop will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • Can children’s literature teach to ‘read’ a city?
  • Do translated books globalize the upbringing methods?
  • How do the contemporary authors react to global trends in reading? 

For more information about the Forum, including the detailed schedule, please visit its official page. If you want to participate as a listener, follow the Registration link at the official website.


Moscow, VDNH Expo, pavilion 75