MCU at summer workshop “Island 10–22”

Island 10–22 is an educational workshop to be held from July 10 to July 22 organized for educators from Russian universities at the platform of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. The objective of the workshop is to establish and develop collaborative teams involving university staff that will be able to implement system changes in training professionals to work within the modern technological environment. The project has been initiated by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Agency for Strategic Initiatives and University 20.35.

In July 2019 more than 1500 participants from 100 national universities located in more than 70 regions of Russia take part in the event. The workshop space is arranged into 10 faculties, each dedicated to a certain domain of university’s development. MCU representatives will be enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities to deal with the issues of developing human potential. MCU Rector Igor Remorenko describes the scope of the Faculty’s action as follows:

The new model of human development emerges at the intersection of humanitarian practices with culture-universal ontologies. This is where the potential for university develpoment and change is born. That is why the Faculty of Humanities comprises various tracks: ontology, humanitarian practices, digital education, tutorship, digital humanities.

The work of the Faculty is arranged by 5 laboratories, each functioning as an educational module or track. There are two cross-cutting issues for all 5 laboratories: education as a tool for developing human potential and digital transformation.

The mechanism of the Faculty represents an interaction platform for communication of listeners and speakers, involving participants in generating new narratives of human development. The format offers daily tutor and reflexive modules, as well as project sessions.

The key objective of the Faculty of Humanities within Island 10-22 is fostering inter-university connections on the issues of developing human potential in the newly-emerging digital reality. Therefore, at the initial stage of the Faculty development MCU has engaged such prominent universities as Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg University, and European University as project partners and experts.