MCU and Abai University: enhancing cooperation

MCU and Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University have been engaged in the long-term strategic partnership regarding the projects of academic exchange and capacity building in the areas of education measurement and assessment within the European and Middle Asia countries. Within the framework of these activities, on August 29 MCU hosted a visit of Aigul’ Iskakova, Director of the International Cooperation Department at Abai University.

During the working meeting with the representatives of the MCU’s International Relations Department, the partners discussed a number of pivotal issues. Abai University considers MCU as prospective partner in terms of outgoing student mobility: MCU will receive Kazakh students for short-term internships and long-term exchange programs. PhD students of Abai University will be enrolled in joint programs that offer to each student opportunity to work under supervision of two academic supervisors: one from Abai University and one from MCU.

Moreover, MCU will participate in the festive events at Abai University to commemorate its foundation. For instance, the partners intend to arrange a collective art exhibition featuring works of students from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Main events