Little Masters of Big Data

MCU invites anyone interested in big data mining to join the panel discussion on the topic Little Masters of Big Data within the framework of the International Conference “Big Data in Education”.

Many researchers and administrators are interested in the data generated during their learning and extra curriculum activities. Moreover, their interest is often connected with control and management decision making. Within the panel discussion Little Masters of Big Data, the data will be considered as one of the tools to help students understand the reality and shape their own course of action more effectively.

Key topics

  • How can educators and students use Big Data?
  • How does education use or may use the Big Data generated by the City?
  • What do a Moscow school, an anthill and a football field have in common?


  • Mart Laanpere (Estonia, Tallinn), senior researcher at the Centre for Educational Technology, Tallinn University
  • Boris S. Berenfeld (USA, Boston), president and CEO at International Laboratory of Advanced Education Technologies, Ltd Inc
  • Tatiana V. Krupa (Russia, Moscow), co-founder and president, «GlobalLab»
  • Evgeniy D. Patarakin (Russia, Moscow), leading research fellow, Laboratory of Activity-based Education Design, Institute of System Projects, MCU
  • Suhas Parandekar, Senior economist, World Bank Group

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