Lecture on Sinology by MCU graduate

The Chinese Language Department of the Institute of Foreign Languages invites Chinese language learners and everyone interested in Sinology to attend a lecture by MCU graduate Nikita Kuzmin. At the lecture titled ‘International Perspectives on Sinology’ Nikita Kuzmin will share his experience of studying China in Europe, America and Asia.

Sinology comprises one of the major research fields of Asian studies, featuring a vibrant scientific community that represents all parts of the world. The established approaches to Sinology include Soviet-Russian, European, American, Japanese, and of course, Chinese scholarly traditions.

Nikita Kuzmin has been studying China for the last 10 years, first at his alma mater — Moscow City University, graduating in 2014, then at Tianjin Normal University in China, Heidelberg University in Germany, Kyoto University in Japan. Now he is a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, US.

After the lecture Nikita Kuzmin will be glad to answer your questions about China and more.

Address: Institute of Foreign Languages, lecture hall 226.