Intellectual battle «Design vs Education»

Elena Ivanova, Head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures, Institute of System Projects, MCU, and Ekaterina Asonova, Head of the Laboratory of Socio-cultural Educational Practices, Institute of System Projects, MCU, will conduct the Intellectual battle “Design vs Education” within the 2nd Annual International Symposium “Education and City: Participation Practices” held from 16 to 18 May, 2019.

The students of the Master’s program “Design of the Urban Educational Infrastructures” will take part in the intellectual battle and make presentations in the pecha-kucha (chit-chat) dynamic format.

Pecha-kucha is a way of presentation originated in Japan, where a speaker has only 20 seconds to present 20 slides. The first round is for the participants to ask the questions, while the second round is the audience’s turn.

The following students will present their projects: 

  • Tatiana Abramova (Russia)
    Involvement and encouragement of children and teenagers for physical activity outdoors
  • Julia Antonyuk (Russia)
    Design of a school space with the use of safe-design methods
  • Marina Borisova (Russia)
    Design and implementation of the developing educational environment at elementary school in the afternoon
  • Marina Verbitskaya (Russia)
    The school as a socio-cultural and educational resource of the city
  • Irina Ivashina (Russia)
    Teachers vs architects: participatory design
  • Anna Karpova (Russia)
    Strategy for the development of additional education at school
  • Svetlana Kokkinaki (Russia)
    Involving the school teams into designing and developing the educational environment
  • Anastasiya Ovcharova (Russia)
    What kind of library does a modern teenager need?
  • Roman Raukh (Russia)
    Lack of movement (activity) in the child’s life
  • Olga Romanova (Russia)
    The parents’ view on the factors of the preschool socio-cultural up-bringing


4 Kamennaya Sloboda pereulok, room 201.