The IPPE Student Division of the MCU Student Council is a body of students’ self-admistration which is aimed at protecting students’ rights, and ensuring communication with the MCU’s administration. Besides, it is a place for students to receive informal education and express themselves.

Internship and Volunteering Opportunities

  • Cultural Events 
  • Media
  • Volunteering
  • Sports
  • Student Research Society 

Annually, the Division holds the traditional events at the Institute:

  • Tangerine, the celebration of New Year
  • Umka, an educational project for 1st-year students, who have recently joined the Division, to help them adapt, organize themselves, and involve them in the Division’s life
  • Student Initiation Ceremony
  • Puzzle workshops, which are aimed at developing students’ soft skills
  • Intuition, a team quiz to test the students’ sixth sense
  • Name That Tune, an event aimed at improving students’ knowledge in music
  • Mafia, a psychological team role-play
  • K-team, teambuilding event for the Division’s members on the Halloween’s eve
  • SportTemp, an event to identify the most physically-trained and creative students