Elena Ivanova about the gentrification of schools for urban areas development

Elena Ivanova, Head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures, Institute of System Projects, MCU, will moderate the Section “Gentrification of schools and school territories for urban areas development” within the Second annual international Symposium “Education and city: participation practices” held from 16 to 18 May, 2019.

The participants of the section will discuss the prospects of designing school territories, try to find an answer to the question: how properly organized and filled with a variety of meanings school space can improve the social climate of areas with low social status?


Ekaterina Barsukova (Russia)
School building as a social and cultural center of the district: designer’s view

Irina Vinogradova (Russia)
Socio-cultural space of the city around the educational organization: how to explore it and why?

Oksana Svyataya (Russia)
Mariya Smirnova (Russia)
Irina Shestakova (Russia)
Educational complex as a socio-cultural space for the residents of city areas

Nataliya Rudenko (Russia)
Larisa Nemova (Russia)
Humanitarian educational routes for schoolchindren in New Moscow district

Kseniya Totfalushina (Russia)
Revival of Peter I’s traditions — growing a physic garden at the school territory


5B Malyj Kazennyj pereulok, Moscow, Institute of Foreign Languages.

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