Ekaterina Asonova: on the studies of students and schoolchildren

Ekaterina Asonova, Head of the Laboratory of Socio-cultural Educational Practices, Institute of System Projects, MCU, will be a moderator and one of the speakers at the section “Urban studies of students and schoolchildren” within the 2nd Annual International Symposium “Education and City: Participation Practices” held from 16 to 18 May, 2019.


  • Ekaterina Asonova (Russia)

Regulations for involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the research work on urban subjects

  • Maksim Bulanov, Olga Rokal (Russia)

The methods of the urban environment subjective research and the ways of their presentation

  • Kseniya Kikteva (Russia)

Theater practices in learning foreign languages: the opportunities for implementing into the educational process

  • Tatiana Konobeeva (Russia)

The contests in project and research activities as a development factor of schoolchildren’s research activity

  • Anastasiya Rossinskaya (Russia)

The self-organizing fandom-community as a non-formal educational environment

  • Elena Khristenko (Russia)

The city as an educational environment for self-determination of high school students

  • Olga Churkova (Russia)

The educational environment of the museum as a place for training the future business owners, benefactors and maecenas


5B Malyj Kazennyj pereulok, Moscow, Institute of Foreign Languages.

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