Office for Scientific Events Management

Office for Scientific Event Management is concerned with planning, management and support of scientific events, such as conferences, symposia, seminars, contests and round tables conducted by MCU’s researchers, Master and PhD students; research networking and coordination of scientific events in collaboration with educational institutions of Moscow.

Key objectives

  • Planning and arranging research events, including conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions, festivals, at MCU
  • Coordinating and monitoring the research events organized by the MCU’s institutes
  • Coordinating and monitoring the research events organized within governmental procurement
  • Supporting the MCU’s staff and students participating in the research events at MCU, other universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations and bodies
  • Interacting with the MCU’s institutes on the issues within the competence of the Department and the Office, as well as promoting participation in competitions and exhibitions to the MCU’s institutes
  • Supporting international research cooperation with the educational institutions partnering with MCU, as well as interacting with educational institutions in the field of research exchange


Room 151, 4/1 Vtoroy Selskohoziajstvenny proezd, Moscow, 129226

Elena Stramnova

Post: Head of the Office for Scientific Events Management