Chen Yanheng: I like to see the progress of my students

Chen Yanheng, MCU alumni and member of international staff, shares her memories of student life at MCU and excitement of her job as a teacher.

Please tell a few words about yourself. 

My name is Chen Yanheng, I am Taiwanese. I received my master’s degree in English and Cross-cultural Communication at MCU. Today I work as a teacher of Chinese at the MCU’s Department of Chinese language. I have been living in Moscow four years now, and every day my love to this city increases.

Why did you decide to study at MCU?

I graduated from the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. As I majored in Russian language, I planned to go for an exchange program in Russia. During my studies in Taiwan, I visited Saint Petersburg and Vladivostok. After graduation, I decided to pursue my studies, but there are no good Russian language research centers in Taiwan, so I decided to go to the capital of Russia – Moscow – for a new challenge.

To select a place to study in Moscow, I asked seniors at my university. All of them recommended MCU as an excellent option. The Chinese Culture University has long-established connections with MCU, and every year a lot of MCU students study within our exchange programs. This is how I decided to enter MCU and enrolled in the program ‘English language and cross-cultural communication’.

What is your dearest memory of the student times?

People say that being a student is the best time of one’s life. However, I better like my life after graduation. Surely, I miss the easy-going student times, just sitting in a cafe reading a book, or going to some atmospheric place every weekend. Or just stay at home and study. I was surprised that Russian students prefer to study at home.


Do you like your job?

Yes, very much. I like to watch my students progress and improve their knowledge of Chinese.

Did MCU have an impact on your career?

MCU is my first place of employment, and I also received my PhD here. I am very happy that I was offered the opportunity to teach at alma mater.

What are your plans for the future?

I am working in Moscow within the Teachers’ Support Program of the Taiwan Ministry of Education, which lasts for 4 years. I plan to teach Chinese for the next 3 years and then return to Taiwan. However, if I have a chance, I want to stay in Russia longer. There are still so many places where I have not been yet!