Big Data in Education

MCU announces the International Conference “Big Data in Education” to be held on 29-31 August, 2019.

Today, the priority task that is able to provide a competitive advantage for organization, city and country, is the ability of analyzing a great flow of information that have been stored (and keep on storing) in databases of different organizations. Big data analysis allows to find out new, non-trivial knowledge as a result of information research of one or several databases. The results of this research allow to take a fresh look at the existing problems and propose a solution for the challenge that directly affects the work of organization and social life in a particular city or country.

The conference will include a two-day hackathon “EDMHack” and several discussion platforms:

  • Big Data in education: myth vs reality
  • Little master of Big Data
  • Data mining as the basis of effective management
  • Video and image analysis using machine learning technologies

To register, please visit the official website of the Conference.


Pavilion 75, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNKH), Moscow.

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