Art workshop: rhythm, tempo and movement

The Institute of Culture and Arts invites high school students, prospective MCU students, their parents and everyone interested in dancing to attend an art workshop by Vladimir Belyaykin.

Vladimir Belyaykin is a master of stage movement and plastic art. He will be teaching choreography to students of the ‘Artist of drama theatre and cinema’ program during the next academic year.

At the workshop you will learn:

  • Differences between rhythm and tempo
  • What is improvisation?
  • Space and time on the stage
  • Psychology of gestures
All participants will take part in interactive exercises, dancing improvisations, work with a partner to practice dancing shapes and gestures. This workshop is a good opportunity for prospective students to practice before their entrance exams.

To join the workshop, please register here.

Please wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes.

Address: 4 Kamennaja Sloboda prereulok, 5th floor,