Alexander Stradze was elected as President of the Student Athletics League

The establishment of the Student Athletics League was commemorated on February 25 at the Ministry of Education and Science exhibition “Russia”. The agreement was signed by Peter Ivanov, President of the All-Russian Athletics Federation, and Sergei Seiranov, Head of the Russian Student Sports Union.

During the League’s general meeting, the foundational documents were approved, and the board members were selected. Alexander Stradze, Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies at Moscow City Pedagogical University, was appointed as the Leaugue’s leader.

Its primary focus will be popularising athletics among students, developing sports talent, organising specialised sporting events, nurturing young athletes, and enhancing the international reputation of Russian student athletics.


Alexander Stradze stated:

The main goal is to bring together students from all Russian universities into the athletics community and broadcast the best practices of these institutions with those interested in athletics but currently not involved. Our ambition is aimed at creating an environment where students can unite, making athletics more popular, accessible, and relevant.

The League’s President mentioned that their next steps will involve the official registration of the association with the Ministry of Justice. They will also address matters such as developing event calendars at both national and regional levels, organising a media support service, and providing information support for various events.


As Archimedes famously stated, “Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.” In line with this philosophy, we will actively work together with the Running Community, the Russian Athletics Federation, and the Russian Student Sports Union. And the Moscow City University will serve as the primary organisation for the advancement of League projects.

The agreement signing took place at the Ministry of Education and Science’s venue dedicated to the development of student sports. The officials discussed improving the monitoring of successful student sports practices, the participation of the Russian Student Sports Union in league competitions, and the use of science and technology to enhance the effectiveness of the student sports system.

Photo: MCU