2021 Games of Arts

Singers, music bands, actors, painters, designers are invited to take part in the 2021 Games of Arts by the MCU’s Institute of Culture and Arts.

The Games’ slogan will be Arts Unite Us. Though separated from each other, we will be creating the arts together – the participants, jury, and audience.

The Games’ objective is to support the gifted youth, preserve and develop the traditions of classical and modern arts.

The 2021 Games of Arts will comprise the nominations in:

The winners of the Games will be awarded with prizes. The Games’ medalists entering the admission at the MCU’s undergraduate and graduate programs will get additional scores.

Each year, the Games welcome more than 2000 competitors. Their talents and abilities are judged by the jury featuring professional artists and the Institute’s teaching staff: actors, musicians, painters, and designers.

The Games are organized in partnership with the Moscow Department of Education and Science, the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Musica Publishing House, and Art-Kvartal store chain.