Tatiana Korzhenevskaya to set the new freediving record

On April 11-15, a freediving contest 2018 arranged by CMAS was held in St. Petersburg.

MCU team participated in several disciplines, including the most challenging one — dynamic apnea where athletes must swim the breaststroke holding their breath under water and without foot fins. This sport requires extreme physical and mental training.

The new all-Russia record in this discipline was set by Tatiana Korzhenevskaya who won the gold medal for swimming 157,2 meters under water, which is by 10 longer than her nearest competitor. As a matter of fact, Korzhenevskaya was the one to set the previous all-Russia record of 150 meters.

The gold medal earned by Korzhenevskaya aided to the joint victory of the MCU team, which scored the total of 919 points. The 2nd place was taken by the team from Krasnoyarsk with 716 points, the 3rd by the team from St. Petersburg with 659 points.

We congratulate Tatiana Korzhenevskaya on her triumphant victory and wish her success at the upcoming freediving world championship to be held in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.

Tatiana Korzhenevskaya’s record on video

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