Vladimir Afanasiev

Vladimir Afanasiev

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Pedagogy

  • +7 (499) 253-05-48 add. 109
  • AfanasievV@mgpu.ru

Selected Publications

Afanasiev V.V., Milkevich O.A., Sergeeva V.P., Ukolova L.I. Methodology of studying social and cultural partnership in the prevention of children’s ill-being // ESPACIOS. – 2017. Vol. 38, № 55. – P.13-29.

Kondaurova A.V., Surtaeva N.N., Afanasev V.V., Ivanova O.A., Rezakov R.G. A research of the psycho-emotional state of a teacher under the influence of social changes // Espacios. – 2018. Vol. 39, № 46. – P. 19-26.

Afanasev V.V., Vrazhnova M.N., Nechaev M.P., Frolova S.L., Shipovskaya L.P. Directions of Increasing the Effectiveness of Career Guidance System for Students in Russia // Astra Salvensis. – 2018. Vol. 6, № 12. – P. 193-209.

Afanasyev V.V., Ivanova O.A., Rezakov R.G., Afanasyev I.V., Kunitsyna S.M. Organizational environment for the schoolchildrens’ professional identities: establishing, modelling, efficiency expectations and long-term development // International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology. – 2019. Vol. 10, № 2. – P. 1612-1637.

Afanasyev V.V, Kunitsyna S.M, Nechaev M.P. Formation of the Environment of Professional Self-Determination in Russian Schools // Proceedings of the international conference on the development of education in Eurasia (ICDEE 2019). Серия книг: Advances in Social Science Education and Humanities Research. – 2019. Vol. 316. – P. 86-91.

Dudin M.N., Afanasyev V.V., Afanaseva I.V., Rezakov R.G. Formation of media education in Russia (from the Middle Ages to the present day) //Amazonia Investiga. – 2019. Vol. 8, №. 21. – P. 674 – 687.

Research Interests

Education theory, diagnostics and evaluation of the quality of education; design of technologies for managing teaching systems; issues of education digitalization; methodology of scientific research, theory of professional education

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