Vladimir Afanasiev

Vladimir Afanasiev

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Education Sciences

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Research Profile

Education theory, diagnostics and evaluation of the quality of education; design of technologies for managing teaching systems; issues of education digitalization; methodology of scientific research, theory of professional education

Selected Publications

Afanasiev V.V., Milkevich O.A., Sergeeva V.P., Ukolova L.I. Methodology of studying social and cultural partnership in the prevention of children’s ill-being // ESPACIOS. – 2017. Vol. 38, № 55. – P.13-29.

Kondaurova A.V., Surtaeva N.N., Afanasev V.V., Ivanova O.A., Rezakov R.G. A research of the psycho-emotional state of a teacher under the influence of social changes // Espacios. – 2018. Vol. 39, № 46. – P. 19-26.

Afanasev V.V., Vrazhnova M.N., Nechaev M.P., Frolova S.L., Shipovskaya L.P. Directions of Increasing the Effectiveness of Career Guidance System for Students in Russia // Astra Salvensis. – 2018. Vol. 6, № 12. – P. 193-209.

Afanasyev V.V., Ivanova O.A., Rezakov R.G., Afanasyev I.V., Kunitsyna S.M. Organizational environment for the schoolchildrens’ professional identities: establishing, modelling, efficiency expectations and long-term development // International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology. – 2019. Vol. 10, № 2. – P. 1612-1637.

Afanasyev V.V, Kunitsyna S.M, Nechaev M.P. Formation of the Environment of Professional Self-Determination in Russian Schools // Proceedings of the international conference on the development of education in Eurasia (ICDEE 2019). Серия книг: Advances in Social Science Education and Humanities Research. – 2019. Vol. 316. – P. 86-91.

Dudin M.N., Afanasyev V.V., Afanaseva I.V., Rezakov R.G. Formation of media education in Russia (from the Middle Ages to the present day) //Amazonia Investiga. – 2019. Vol. 8, №. 21. – P. 674 – 687.