Tatiana Makarova

Tatiana Makarova

Post: Head of the Department of English Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication, Associate Professor
Academic credentials: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

  • makarovats@mgpu.ru
  • 8(495)607-51-30

Research Profile

  • inclusive education in teaching a foreign language
  • modern technologies of teaching Russian as a foreign language


Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages

Technologies of Teaching English

Technologies of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Strategies of Reading and Writing in a Foreign Language

Practical Course of Oral and Written English Communication

Period of Teaching and Research Service

Since 2000

Education and Degrees

Higher education, speciality – teacher of English and foreign languages


Foreign languages

Total Period of Employment

Since 1983

Advanced Professional Training Certificates

  • the TESOL International Convention @ English Language Expo Virtual/24-27 March 2021

Selected Publications




Some of the articles:

  1. Project Work Management Addressing the Needs of BVI Learners of EFL / T.S. Makarova, E.E. Matveeva, M.A.
  2. Molchanova, E.A. Morozova, N.V. Burenina // Integration of Education. — 2017. — Т. 21. — № 21(4). — P. 609−622. — DOI: 10.15 507/1991−9468.089.021.201 704.609−622.
  3. Терминологические аспекты определения понятия «персонализированное обучение» / Т. С. Макарова, М. А. Молчанова, Е. А. Морозова // Университетский научный журнал. — 2020. — № 53. — С. 89−96. — DOI 10.25 807/PBH.22 225 064.2020.53.89.96.
  4. Phenomenon-Based Approach To Teaching Russian As A Foreign Language In The Cultural Context / T. S. Makarova, E. E. Matveeva, M. A. Molchanova, E. A. Morozova // European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Conference proceedings, Moscow, 23−25 апреля 2020 года. — London: European Publisher, 2020. — P. 541−552. — DOI 10.15 405/epsbs.2020.11.03.58.
  5. Teaching Foreign Languages Inclusively: Standards for Teacher Competence / T. S. Makarova, E. E. Matveeva, M. A. Molchanova, E. A. Morozova, N. V. Burenina // Integration of Education. — 2021. — Т. 25. — № 1 (89). – P. 144−158. — DOI: 10.15 507/1991−9468.102.025.202 101.144−158.

Employment History

  • coordinator of the Russian-American project Dialogue of Cultures and Languages (jointly with the University of Central Florida, USA)
  • participant of international organizations: TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language), SARTA (Central Association of Russian Teachers of America)
  • organiser of All-Russian scientific and practical conferences on inclusive foreign language education
  • author of teaching aids on the theory and practice of teaching a foreign language, reading English-language fiction, preparing students for the Unified State Exam in English