Svetlana Goryunova

Svetlana Goryunova

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Biology


Research Profile

Ecological safety, adaptation processes for the life in a big city, gender issues in modern society

Selected Publications

Suzdaleva A., Goryunova S. New approach to the formation of international fresh water resources market // British Journal of Science, Education and Culture, 2014, No.1. (5) (January-June). Volume III. “London University Press”. London, 2014.- 440 р. — Р. 28-32.

Goryunova S.V.,Suzdaleva A.L., Dikarev V.A. Forming of the fresh water market resources as instrument of decision the main problems of globalistics // Global Science and Innovation: materials of the Х International Scientific Conference, Chicago, March 1- 2nd, 2017 / publishing office Accent Graphics communications — Chicago — USA, 2017. — 256 p. Р. 180-187.

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