Irina Stekolschikova

Irina Stekolschikova

Post: Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor

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Research Profile

  • language theory
  • comparative, historical and typological linguistics
  • contemporary Russian
  • Russian as a foreign language


Theoretical Phonetics of Russian
Theoretical Grammar of Russian
Lexicology of Russian
Stylistics of Russian
History of Russian
Fundamentals of Philology
History of Linguistic Studies
Philological Aspect of Oral Communication

Period of Teaching and Research Service

Since 2001

Education and Degrees

Higher education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Philology
  • Master’s degree in Philology
  • Candidate of  Sciences in Comparative, Historical and Typological Linguistics
  • Doctor of Sciences in Language Theory


Comparative, Historical and Typological Linguistics
Language Theory

Total Period of Employment

Since 2001

Selected Publications