MCU students on expedition in the mountains

MCU offers a plenty of opportunities to its students, including a chance to try themselves in hiking over the Caucasus mountains. In July a group of 9 students led by an experienced travel guide will go for the first in their lives mountain trekking tour.

The backpackers will follow the famous route No 30 Over the mountains to the sea that starts in Krasnodar region, goes through the North Caucasus Wildlife Sanctuary and ends by the coast of the Black Sea. Under the guidance of Albert Zaripov, specialist at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies, and Ekaterina Samaricheva, student of the Institute, the group will walk 100 kilometers, climb the peak of Oshten, numerous mountain passes and visit the Fisht Glacier.

All participants will receive an official Russian tourist rank and an opportunity to earn an athletic title in sports tourism.

You can join the mountain hiking project the next summer, as all the participants undertake an induction course during the year, in order to be in good physical shape and learn the necessary hiking skills.

The Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies also invites to enroll in the MCU Tourist Guide School to become a professional guide for school students. The admissions for 2020 will be opened in winter.