The Program trains teachers for pre-school special education. Pre-school special education teacher is a universal specialist who is able to help children of early and pre-school age with disorders of hearing, vision, speech, musculoskeletal system, intelligence, as well as with mental retardation, and autism spectrum. Along the course, students master:

  • methods and techniques for diagnosing the development of a child of early and pre-school age;
  • skills in working with children with developmental disorders at pre-school education and in preparing them for school;
  • technologies for correcting disorders of psychophysical development;
  • methods of interaction with a family raising a child with developmental disorders;
  • skills in designing programs for the development and education of children with developmental disorders;
  • skills of entering the social environment of children with normal and impaired development.

Field of Study

Special Education (Defectology)

Language of Study


Study Mode




Admission Tests

Period of Study

4.5 years

Tuition fees (per semester)

75 700 RUB


Education and Training of Preschool Children with Diverse Developmental Disorders

Early Comprehensive Care System for Children with Developmental Disorders

Medical, Psychological And Pedagogical Support for Children with Disorders

Correctional and Developmental Work with Children of Infant, Early and Preschool Age with Disorders


Special education


Pre-school education

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