MCU included in the Potanin Fellowship Program

In the 2018/2019 academic year MCU for the first time was included in the Potanin Fellowship Program, resulting at the 35th position in the Universities ranking.

MCU opens a new hotel building in 2020

In April 2020, MCU opens application for residence at the new MCU hotel building.

MCU accredited for the next 6 years

In July 2019 MCU successfully passed the state accreditation for the next 6 years.

MCU ranked Top 50

According to RAEX, MCU ranked 48 among national universities that provide best conditions for high quality education.

MCU discussing new strategies for growth

The First Strategic Conference arranged by the Department for Stategic Development was held at MCU on December 24.

MCU is ranked in the TOP-300 by the QS BRICS

MCU is ranked in the TOP-300 among the BRICS countries, according to the world’s prestigious QS rankings.