Associate Professor Oksana Dubnyakova lecturing in Italy

In the beginning of March Associate Professor Oksana Dubnyakova was invited at University Mediazione Lingustica, Perugia, and Roma Tre University, Rome, to hold a series of lectures.

Delegation from Middle and East-Asia educational institutions at MCU

On March 20 MCU hosted an international delegation representing educational institutions of Middle and East-Asia countries that are members of the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) Program.

MCU Rector promotes reasonable regulations for education

MCU Rector Igor Remorenko has been unilaterally re-elected as Chairman of the Public Council of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science.

Israeli educator Yaacov Hecht at MCU

On March 4 MCU leadership held a meeting with a renowned Israeli educator and pioneer of democratic education Mr. Yaacov Hecht.

MCU at the International Seminar on Globalization of Teacher Education

On March 1—2, MCU’s leading academics of the Institute of Digital Education participated in the 2nd International Russian—Kazakhstan Seminar “Digital University: Globalization of Teacher Education”.

MCU Professor invited to speak at Sam Houston State University, US

Associate Professor Elena Ivanova has been invited to participate in the Universality of Global Education Issues Conference (UGEIC) 2019 to be held at Sam Houston State University, Texas, US.