Vitaly Grinshkun about exchange semester at Fontys International Business School

Vitaly Grinshkun, a 4th year student of the Institute of Digital Education shares his impressions of studying at Fontys International Business School, the Netherlands.

Delegation from University of Taipei visiting MCU

In the end of October MCU hosted the delegation from one of the MCU’s newly fledged partners — University of Taipei, Taiwan.

MCU establishing ties with Hokkaido University

The representatives of Hokkaido University visited MCU in order to establish partnership and discuss future prospects of cooperation.

MCU to collaborate with the Institute of Education of Dublin City University

On October 15, MCU welcomed Professor Lorraine Ní Gháirbhith of the Institute of Education of Dublin City University.

Lyubov’ Semenova at Nántóu secondary school, Taiwan

Lyubov’ Semenova about teaching Russian at Nántóu secondary school in Taiwan.

Delegation from National University of Art Education at MCU

On September 6, MCU received a delegation from National University of Art Education, Vietnam, headed by Rector Dao Dang Phuong.