Italian Ambassador at MCU

On March 22 Italian Ambassador to Russia Pasquale Terracciano will join the round table discussion “Russia and Italy Today” at MCU.

Conference: the Origins and Evolution of Russian Psychology

To commemorate the 100-year anniversary the Soviet School of Psychology the Institute of Psychology, Sociology and Social Relations will hold the Research Conference “The Origins and Evolution of Russian Psychology”.

Developmental Teaching: History and Perspectives

Join the Research and Practice Conference Developmental Teaching: History and Perspectives to be held by the Developmental Education Association and the Institute of System Projects.

International Student Research and Practice Conference

The 2nd International Student Research and Practice Conference “Role of Languages and Literatures in a Teacher’s Career” will be held on December 10.

Language and Literary Studies and Language Education: Contemporary Issues and Solutions

The MCU Institute of Foreign Languages announces the International Scientific Coference ‘Language and Literary Studies and Language Education: Contemporary Issues and Solutions’ on November 27.

International Conference “Teaching Culture of Spoken English: Traditions, Issues and Perspectives”

MCU announces the International Research and Methodical Conference dedicated to teaching speech culture in English, scheduled for November 12—13.