The Careers Service is aimed at supporting MCU students and alumni in terms of employment, career development, and internship opportunities. We provide assistance within the following focus areas:

Students and alumni

  • Consulting on efficient behavior strategies on the job market, practical job search methods, self-introduction techniques, writing CV and cover letters.
  • Providing support on employment issues
  • Arranging job fairs, career days, and professional workshops offering wider career opportunities for MCU students and alumni
  • Providing information on the current tendencies at the field-specific job markets, updating on new jobs and internships
  • Disseminating promotion information on further education and career development options
  • Providing access to the database of avaibalble job and internship opportunities
  • Arranging student internships within the MCU’s structural departments

Search for job and internship offers in the MCU Careers group on Vkontakte.

Employers and partner organizations

  • Collecting and updating the database of job-seeking alumni and available job positions and internships offered by partner organizations
  • Collaborating with employers on job-relevant issues, providing access to the alumni database
  • Coordinating structural departments on the procedure and implementation of student internships
  • Coopetaring with the government offices, employment bureaus, non-profit associations on developing employment potential and streamlining job-seeking procedures
  • Collecting and processing employment statistics to provide accountability to the municipal officials and the MCU leadership

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  • Email:
  • Address: Room 2402, 4/2 Vtoroy Selskohoziajstvenny proezd, Moscow, Russia

Lyubov’ Stebunova

Head of Office