Don’t forget to take your passport and registration with you when you’re going out. It’ll be useful if a police officer asks for your documents. Besides, you will need these documents when making bank payments or buying inter-city train or bus tickets. Please bring your student ID when attending lectures, as you will have to pass through the security in the university buildings.


Winter in Moscow lasts from November to March and sometimes can be long and severe. You can bring your warm clothes and boots with you or buy them here before the first snow falls. If you grow tired of snow and short daylight hours, you can visit some places that will give you a feeling of summer. For example, the Central Botanical Garden or the Apothecaries’ Garden with their beautiful orchids and tropical plants, or the outdoor heated swimming pool “Chaika”, which works all year round.

   Going about the city

In such an enormous city as Moscow you will have to spend a lot of time on foot, so make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to be wearing them all day long. For getting around the city center you can rent a bicycle for quite a cheap price, as bikesharing is quite popular in Moscow. You can learn more by visiting the Velobike website.

   Public Transport

Buy a travel pass if you ride the public trasport quite often. It will give you a substantial discount for travelling by the underground, the above-ground city train, buses and trams. If you use your student travel-card, be sure to have your student ID with you. You can learn more about Moscow public transport here.


During your stay in Moscow you are definitely going to spend much of your precious time traveling in public transport. Don’t waste this time. You can sleep, surf the Internet, read books, or even manage to do your homework. Choose your own way to entertain yourself with benefit.


Usually you can buy a lunch in the students’ cafeteria for an affordable price. If you plan to stay in the city during the whole day, find a budget-friendly place to eat or bring your own food. Taking a lunchbox with you is a good idea, as it helps to reduce waste and protect the environment.


Make sure you have the Internet access. It’s completely impossible to imagine the modern life without a gadget with access to the Internet, especially in a megalopolis. Via the Internet you can check the timetable of the public transport or use the city map. Read more about how to use Wifi in Moscow here.

   Useful Apps

We aso recommend that you download some useful apps. These apps will assist you in arranging your plans efficiently, navigating around the city and even translate signs or food labels in Russian on the spot. For more information on the apps available for your iOS or Android, please visit our Digital Apps page.